Here at Engravestone we are proud to be able to offer you free resources and services to help you have a successful fundraising campaign.

Fundraising Guide

A comprehensive guide to get you started on your fundraising drive. This guide will take out all of the guesswork of this process from setting up your fundraising campaign to selecting the right brick to getting orders in.

Brick Calculator

Use the Brick Calculator to determine the profitability of using Engravestone engraved bricks and pavers. Simply put in the price of the brick and then your added donor price and click calculate, to see the number!

Form Templates

Order form templates for you to download and edit to suit your needs. Sometimes we don’t want to use an online ordering system, and for that we have these form templates. Simply download and get to work!

Order Template

Excel spreadsheet template for you to compile your order. For those who have already gathered their order inscriptions before contacting us.