Engraved bricks, tiles, pavers and stone for fundraising

4x8 red engraved bricksFundraising with engraved bricks can create high profits and success. Schools, churches, veterans’ memorials and other organizations have found a proven, successful means to generate much-needed funds. Personalized engraved bricks are an ideal product for raising money and they leave a lasting impression — for the donor and for the community.

ENGRAVESTONE has been in the business of engraving for building and fundraising projects since 1989. We will assist you in choosing the right material, how much you need, how much it will cost and your profit potential.

Contact us today at (800)3ENGRAV or info@engravestone.com to discuss how you can have a successful fundraising campaign with ENGRAVESTONE engraved bricks.

McCamey, TX Veterans Wall of Honor