Here at Engravestone we pride ourselves in a streamlined and easy process to help you get your fundraising project set up and finished. Here’s the process of how that happens.

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A more detailed example of this process is your school needs to build a new playground and you are placed in charge of fundraising for the project. After consulting with the architect or designer, you decide that selling engraved donor bricks will be the best means to achieve your goals. The bricks become the actual material of the pathways winding through the playground. The money raised supports the construction. Your donors buy the bricks as a connection to your project. There is a sense of ownership in the new playground. There is also the option for businesses to support it with a permanent public recognition — a win-win situation! Next step? Contact ENGRAVESTONE to get started.

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Assemble your team and assign duties to team members. Generate interest in your project, create brochures and order forms. Use our fundraising guide to assist you in getting started with these tasks and use our Brick Calculator to generate the number of profit you will receive. We will set up a personalized donor website for you to collect orders. When all of your donors and their inscriptions are recorded, we will gather that list and engrave your bricks. Once engraved, the bricks are hand-painted with a high quality and extremely durable paint. The bricks are carefully packed and shipped to your job site to be installed in your new playground.

We know that your project is extremely important and special to you and we want to help you make it happen. So, why choose Engravestone?

The things that set us apart from our competitors:

  • A Unique Engraving Process – no one else uses our method & it is more customizable & durable than traditional sandblasting or laser
  • Each Brick or Paver Is Hand Painted – we go over every brick by hand & make sure it is up to quality

We offer free resources and tools to help you. Those include:

  • Fundraising Guide – that takes out all the guess work
  • Brick Calculator – you can see the amount that your fundraiser will generate
  • Form Templates – we provide templates in Word format for you to edit and design to suit the needs of your campaign
  • Excel Templates – compile your order on this spreadsheet formatted to be easy to modify and read.

We will set up a custom donor site for you that provides for:

  • An Easy Online Ordering System for your donors to use
  • Secure Online Admin Page where you can keep track of the bricks ordered

Click HERE for more information on our free resources & custom donor site.

Here at Engravestone we are so excited to help you with your fundraising project!

Let’s Get Started

“Thank you so much for doing a beautiful job with the brick engraving! We are so pleased with the bricks!”


“This letter is our way of sending you a great big ‘Thank You’. The bricks have all been put in the sidewalk and they look great. Not only was the engraving job itself very satisfactory, but delivery of the bricks was done on time.”


“The brick pavers look great, and we appreciate your outstanding service. I trust that we will continue to sell bricks as an ongoing fundraiser and look forward to continuing our business relationship exclusively with Engravestone. If other fraternities want to copy our idea, we will sure to refer their business your way!”


“We recently had a Donor Dedication at our aquatics facility where we unveiled all the bricks that you had engraved for us. They were well received and much appreciated.”


“Thank you for the speedy turn around with our recent order for pavers. They arrived on Wednesday afternoon, and we had them installed on Thursday in time for our 50th Anniversary Service that night.”


“Thanks again for great work, all your patience, and all your time and efforts in helping us to complete this project.”