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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can we make with ENGRAVESTONE engraved pavers and bricks?

You can make a substantial amount of money with ENGRAVESTONE engraved bricks. Using even a modest sales price of $50.00 you can earn a significant profit per brick. You set the price to be charged to your donors. That price minus the cost to you per brick/paver is your brix profit. Go to the Calculator to estimate your profit potential.

How long have you been in business?

We’ve been supplying fundraisers with engraved pavers and bricks since 1989. Read more about us.

Why do you recommend only 16 characters per line?

We determined that 16 characters (which includes spaces and punctuation marks) is the ideal number because it allows for the greatest visibility of the inscriptions. Keep in mind, most engraved bricks are installed in the ground and viewed standing above them. More than 16 characters of normal height will cause the line of engraving to become condensed. To prevent condensing they need to be made smaller. Either condensed or smaller characters make the inscription more difficult to read.

Do you have a minimum order requirement?

No. Our unique engraving method allows us flexibility with any size order. Whether you order 1 or 1,000 (or more) brix, we can accommodate you.

What does it cost?

  • $13.00 – 4″ x 8″ bricks containing up to 2 lines/16 characters per line of engraving.
  • $17.00 – 4″ x 8″ bricks containing up to 3 lines/16 characters per line of engraving.
  • $25.00 – 8″ x 8″ bricks containing up to 5 lines/16 characters per line of engraving.
  • For other sizes please call or email for a quote.

What color bricks and pavers are available?

Take a look at our most popular colors.

Why is shipping not included in the price?

We consider shipping a service to you, not a way for us to profit further. We do not inflate the price of our products to cover shipping costs. That coupled with fluctuating fuel costs, differing sizes of bricks and distances of shipments make it impossible to include the cost of shipping. Contact us with specific numbers and we will happily quote a price to ship your order.

Can you engrave logos and other artwork?

Yes. We have an art department available to translate your logo or artwork into a format that our engravers use to engrave on clay, concrete, tiles or stone.

How long does it take to get my order delivered?

It takes approximately 4-5 weeks from the date that your order is submitted to us.

Why is your engraving method superior to the others?

Our unique process results in a durable, readable, cleanable and very attractive engraved paver or brick. Read more about the advantages of ENGRAVESTONE engraving.

How do we get started?

We realize that setting up an engraved paver and brick fundraising campaign can be complicated. As a result, our Fundraising Guide was developed to help you get started and assist you through the entire process.