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Offering engraved logos is a way for business donors to show their support for your project and advertise their business. Logos can be engraved on individual bricks or span several for a larger scale image. Contact us today to see how this can enhance your fundraising campaign.

Engraved logos on 8×8 red clay bricks.
multi brick logo
School logo engraved on multiple 4×8 bricks in a running bond pattern.
multi brick logo
School logo engraved on multiple 8×8 bricks.
multi brick logo
School logos engraved on multiple 4×8 bricks.

Engraved art images can really make a statement. They can be designed for wall or ground installation.

butterfly engraved on green granite
Monarch butterfly engraved on 18 pieces of green granite. Hand painted and stained.
72″ x 36″
dancer engraved on cream marble tiles
Dancer engraved on 20 pieces of cream marble. Hand painted.
48″ x 60″
lilies engraved on limestone
Lilies engraved on 3 pieces of limestone. Hand painted.
24″ x 16″